Personal Digital Development Pillars

Digital Tools to Fast Track your Success

Personal Digital Development Pillars is a hands on comprehensive course that enables you to gain access to Digital Tools that will accelerate your growth by creating an online presence that empowers you to create a life of Freedom.

Have you ever dreamt of being your own Boss?

Do you find that no matter how many extra hours you work nothing ever seems to change, and you don't seem to be getting closer to your dreams and goals.

This course can change everything for You!

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We will teach you the five pillars that will help you accelerate your Personal Development using the digital tools available to you so you can finally start living the life of your dreams.

The Five Pillars of Personal Digital Development

1. Building a Website

2. Creating an Email List

3. Offering Digital Value

4. Dominating Social Media & Driving Traffic

5. SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Hi I'm Karl Oftebro

Here is why I created Personal Digital Development Pillars

Back in 2016 I was working in Insurance.

I was stuck in the Corporate 9-5 Job.

I knew I wanted Freedom and I wanted to be my own boss.

To have control over how I spend my time who I spend it with.

I wanted Control over where I was and when I wanted to go travel and adventure or spend time with Friends and Family.

Thats when I decided I had to find a way out no matter what!

I have failed a lot since then but I have succeeded in achieving my dream quitting my job, starting an online business and living a life of Freedom.

Now I am my own boss

I set my own hours

I decided what I do and when I do it

Some of my Friends started asking

How did you do It?

So I decided to create this course to share with you how I managed to:

Quit my Job

Start an Online Business

And Start Living my Dream Life

The 5 Pillars that you will learn about in this course will set you up for success

I want you to learn from my Success and my Failures

This course will fast track you to living the Life of your Dreams

I'm here to help you-Lets get Started

What You will Learn in this Course

Section 1 - How to Create a Website

In this section you will learn

- How to choose a Domain Name

- How to set up Web Hosting

- How to Install Wordpress on Your Own Domain

- How to Create a Beautiful Wordpress Website

We build the website together step by step so you can pause rewind and rewatch which ever sections you need to see again.

We Show you How to

-Install a New Theme

-Install Plugins

-Create New Pages

-Create New Posts

-Create a New Menu

-Add Images to your Website

-How to Embed a Video

-How to make your Website Responsive for Mobile & Tablets

- How to Design a Footer

-How to Customize Your Wordpress Website

The Goal is to help you get Wordpress setup and Working even if you no previous experience with Wordpress

Section 2 - How to Build an Email List

In this section you will learn

-How to choose an email service provider

-How to create a Sign Up Form

-How to integrate your Sign Up Form on your Website

-How to Add a sign up form to your Facebook Page

-How to create your email sequence and automate it

-How to start Building your list

-How to choose a Lead Magnet

-How to create a Lead Magnet

-10 day Plan to get your first 100 Subscribers

The Goal is to get your list started and get your first 100 Subscribers in 10 days

Section 3 - How to Provide and Deliver Digital Value

In this section you will learn

-The different digital products out there

-Which is best the best one to start with

-How to create your very first online product

-How to deliver your new digital product

-Create a Game Plan for the Creation of your Product

-Choose a Platform that is right for your product

-Upload your Digital Product to the Platform

The Goal is to create your very first Digital Product and create a platform for people to purchase it on

Section 4 - How to Dominate Social Media and Get More Traffic to your Website

In this section you will learn

How to set up business accounts on social media

How to start building a following

How to create a Larger Online Presence using Digital Tools

How to use your social media platform to drive traffic to your website

How to Prioritize Social Media Platforms to get the Best Results

The Goal is to Create an Online Presence Where what you say has an influence over your followers

Section 5 - Search Engine Optimization

In this section you will learn

The Basics of Search Engine Optimization

How search engines work

How to do Keyword Research

Which Keywords to Target

How to start using the power of search to your advantage

How to get Yourself found by Google & other Search Engines

How to provide solutions for people searching on the web

Learn How to Create Content the Search Engine's Love

Learn On Page SEO

Learn Off Page SEO

We will show you Tools Tips and Tricks you can Use to Improve your SEO

The Goal is to Understand SEO and Improve the SEO on your Site to Increase the Traffic you Receive from Search Engines

Your Instructor

Karl Oftebro
Karl Oftebro

Hi I'm Karl Oftebro, Thanks for being here and well done on taking the first step towards accelerating your Success with 21 Side Hustle Business Ideas I can't wait to see you building your second income on the side.

For those of you that don't know me, I have a YouTube channel and Blog called DMwithKarl where I talk about Personal Digital Development and show you how I went from being stuck in a boring Insurance Job to finding Freedom using Digital Tools to start my own Business.

I believe in tried and tested models, that is why I only talk about things that I have done. I use Lead by Example Teaching where I show you what I did, where I failed and what I used to come back from the failures and make it work. I also like to share the shortcuts tips and tricks that I learn along the way so that you can achieve what I have in a shorter time.

Thank you for being here and I am so excited that you are joining me on this amazing Journey.

I can't wait to see the Success that you are going to achieve!

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